ABET High Pressure Laminates

Situated in the northern Italian city of Bra, ABET LAMINATI is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high pressure laminates. Their designs and products have been setting the trend in the field for decades. The ABET line of products and their presence at fairs and industry events are compiled together with leading designers such as Mario Bellini, Joe Colombo, Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini.

ABET LAMINATI s.p.a. was the first manufacturer to introduce laminates as a decorative material, also in bright colours, in the 60´s. Until then, laminates were generally used to imitate natural materials such as wood or stone. Compact grade laminates were also introduced in furniture in the 60´s.

In the 70´s, ABET introduced silk-screen and postforming laminates to the market. The 80´s brought about the translucent Diafos laminates. In the 90´s, the silk-screen technology was combined with the MEG outdoors laminate. This material has been used, for example, in the facade of the Groningen art museum.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, ABET has launched DigiPrint, which uses digital technology to realize the surface of laminates, giving designers virtually endless possibilities in their creative work.

Oy Lore Ab has imported ABET products exclusively to Finland since 1989 and to Estonia since 1999.

You can get more information about ABET products from Oy Lore Ab or directly from ABET LAMINATI´s web site: www.abet-laminati.it