SIBU Design Polystyrene Decorative Sheets

The Austrian SIBU Design GmbH & Co. KG has manufactured polystyrene decorative sheets since 1984. Oy Lore Ab imports and markets SIBUĀ“s high-quality products both in Finland and in Estonia.

SIBU polystyrene sheets are extremely versatile in different interior design locations, where metallic shades and an elegant outlook are required. The products can be used in restaurants, offices, stores, exhibition stands, furniture, theatre props, kitchens and ceilings.

SIBU polystyrene sheets are available with structured, perforated and three dimensional surfaces. The sheets are very durable, yet light and flexible. They are easily cut with a carpet knife, for example. The sheets are easily attached with glue, double-sided adhesive tape or with a special adhesive administered on the sheets already at the factory. There are approximately 150 different patterns available for the SIBU sheets.

Polystyrene sheets are not suitable for outside use. When attaching two sheets together, adequate space (1.5 – 2.0 mm) must be left in case of heat expansion.

Delivery time from the SIBU factory is approximately 2 weeks.

For more information, please contact Oy Lore Ab or visit the SIBU web site at